Participate in the HIV Hack! Next workshop on 27th of September!

HIV Hack, an initiative sponsored by J&J, strives to battle HIV drug resistance by rallying active medicals, data scientists and commercials in the HIV fight and share their knowledge.


In preparation for the hackathon on November 23rd & 24th 2018, several workshops are organized to get to know the problem we’re working against.


On the 27th of september, the 5th workshop takes place at DigitYser in Brussels, which focusses on helping people in finding and identifying valuable data sources to help this cause.

Amongst others, our very own Jenny Chung, Data Scientist at InfoFarm, will help you in this workshop, and explain how she was able to find (open) data, select the right features and create a suitable model with them. Focus in this workshop is the visualisation of the datasets, and people are invited in gathering more data.


Participating in the workshops is free. You can register via the Facebook page of HIV Hack: https://www.facebook.com/hivhack/


More information: https://hivhack.org/