Johan Snels
Data Developer

An Entrepreneur and finance expert with a knack for analytics, Johan is re-orienting himself towards the field of big data and the hands-on, data-driven approach.

His journey towards InfoFarm was due to the meandering urge to get hands on with data and get the value out of it in a DIY fashion.

He completed a Master in Finance after his Master of Finance, focusing more on the statistical analysis of assets. Consecutively working as a financial auditor, asset manager and Investment Portfolio manager, Johan felt the lack of his passion to do the number crunching.  Re-orienting to fund management did not satiate this hunger. Johan realized he needed to up his skills in programming, he followed courses in Java and mobile development. With some of his fellow students, he had a startup that developed an app that eased ordering drinks at parties. This probably connects with his importance to connect with his friends and maybe the third half of his soccer team.

Combine this rich background with a deep fascination for quantum mechanics (the hidden world beneath the atoms), love for sports (cross–fit) and the occasional Westmalle trippel, and you have all the ingredients of someone with talent.

Johan aims to excel in spark and python, and help our clients to the world of the data-driven.