Pieter Chys
Data Scientist

Pieter is a self-taught man when it comes to programming. He learned Matlab, C++ and Java on his own and keeps on adding new skills such as Scala, Spark and machine learning. 

He was granted a PhD in Biochemistry on the topic of "Coacervation and physiochemical characterization of α chains in gelatin", on which he will generously tell you all about it when asked.

Pieter might be considered a Renaissance man: aside from playing piano, clarinet, accordion,  saxophone, he is a skilled ballroom dancer (Slow Fox, Waltzes, cha-cha, Rumba, Jive,...) and a regular swimmer.

Other areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, mathematics, physics, collecting model cars, protein modeling, geometric algebra and music. 

He claims to be internally structured but externally somewhat more chaotic. We take his words at face value, and agree on his evaluation of cupcakes as excellent.


Since May 2015, we welcome a polymath that has both the informatics and data science skills to further strengthen the farm.