Vicky Froyen
Data Scientist

Vicky studied theoretical psychology in Leuven, and pursued his PhD in the United States, where his dissertation was about “Perceptual grouping as mixture estimation”. Since humans can’t be captured in a few parameters, statistics and modelling is never far away in behavioral neuroscience. Vicky is sci-fi fan and a melodic percussionist. Playing the xylophone in different orchestra. His American journey led him to Rutgers University New Jersey, and Suny University New York, but not without culture shock. Vicky’s data science basket is filled with complex algorithms, such as Bayesian and Gaussian mixture models. Lately he took up another form of modelling as carpenter and joiner. We’ve heard it through the grapevine that he uses normal pearwood, since he could not get his hands on the sapient version (though he might install the AI in it himself).