Vincent Huysmans
Data Engineer

Vincent loves to be around people and is a very social person. As a youngster, his physics teacher suggested to get into informatics, which he did. Concluding that bachelor in applied informatics suited him better than one in multimedia and communication technology, he joined Infofarm in May 2015 upon graduation after a positive first experience as intern.

 Being athletic, he tries and goes to fitness four times a week, but does his running outside instead of the treadmill. If you combine IT and movement with another of his passions, you get the topic of his paper: using Leap Motion, he investigated the evolution of human-computer interfaces towards movement based technology like the one portrayed in Minority Report. Vincent loves thrillers and drama on screen. Ranging from series to B-movies and Cannes prize-winners.

He might look like having difficulty to make decisions, but it's more likely that he simply wants to explore many paths. One being data science and big data, which he is currenly learning and getting in-depth understanding. His knowledge of java enables him to leap-frog towards new trends and technologies. 

We are happy to see him exploring those many paths outside his starting career, and bringing his experiences inside the farm.