Supply Chain Optimization

Calculating Smart Parameters to detect anomalies in Supply Chain networks for optimized planning


Bluecrux is a team of talented and passionate business experts who help organizations in optimizing their supply chain network and operations.

Bluecrux connects strategy, technology and people in an end-to-end process.

How can we create a digital copy of a supply chain network?

Bluecrux is at the frontier of innovating supply chain networks and processes. With it's own custom built LOP - Lights Out Planning - solution, they help large corporations in visualizing and optimizing supply chain networks. One aspect of the optimization process, involves data, lots of data.

A new partnership was born! Using Infofarm's broad expertise on data modeling and analysis, a new quest arised involving the implementation of batch tracing algorithms and Smart Parameter calculations. These parameters could then be used for use cases such as Anomaly Detection and sales forecasting based on leadtimes.

Using Big Data technologies, we started building the backbone of the LOP solution. We developed several functions with smart algorithms for processing large amounts of SAP data to feed the user interface of the application, giving the end-user the ability to discover the major potential of its supply chain data.

Lights out planning tool

An interactive platform for digital orchastration and Smart Parameter calculations

Intelligent messaging system to optimize and automated maintenance tasks and planning.


Smart parameters

End-to-end simulations

Technologies used