How can we help you?


We support you in defining a successful data-driven strategy aligned with your corporate strategy.


Design, build & maintain on-premise or cloud-based Data Lake systems for scalable, secure data solutions.


Apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning techniques to get value from your data.


We provide specialized tracks to train your teams on the basic concepts of data engineering and data science

Plant seedlings with your Data Analytics Strategy

How can we help?

We have developed a Data Analytics Blueprint, which is your roadmap to efficiently start centralizing your data and to adopt Artificial Intelligence technologies, with the main goal to bring data, technology, people and performance together, and align them with the overall corporate strategy and objectives.

How will you benefit?

You will have a structured plan to follow, with a clear description of the key steps that need to be taken in order to efficiently adopt a data-driven mindset to start implementing AI in your organization.

Plow your data with Data Engineering

How can we help?

We build scalable and highly-performant Data Analytics Platforms, on-premise as well as in the Cloud, using Big Data stack technologies like Apache Spark, Kafka and Cloud Native Architectures using AWS or Azure. 

How will you benefit?

We make sure you will have a streamlined and sustainable platform for data collection, storage and processing. We create future-proof and flexible analytics-ready environments, enabling you to connect  and re-connect every data source you need to create value in your organization.

Harvest insights with Data science

How can we help?

We provide academic expertise in a broad range of fields, combined with technical skills in algorithm design and data analytics. We are experts in building Artificial Intelligence models, with a strong focus on business applications, ethics and usability.

How will you benefit?

We can build application-ready analytics tools, enabling you to crunch vast amounts of data and get cristal clear insights to support your decision making processes or help you in optimizing business processes. Every algorithm we build has a clear focus on usability, ROI and performance. 

Grow through Training & Coaching

How can we help?

We offer custom-made hands-on training or coaching workshops, going from the basics of data engineering  and data science to more advanced tracks on Data Lake setups and Machine Learning model development.  

How will you benefit?

Your team(s) will get a better understanding of the possibilities within the Big Data and AI work fields, and also learn best practices to start developing on their own.

Looking to boost your business by leveraging the power of data and analytics?