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We've helped the Flemish government in optimizing their services to guide people in finding the right careers.

VDAB is a flemish institution guiding people in developing their careers. It is their mission to ensure, organize and promote employment, guidance and training in the interests of employers, employees and job seekers, with view on a lifelong and sustainable integration into the labor market.


Provide a better service for clients of VDAB and allow the consultants of VDAB to focus their time on the people who need it the most.


We built a data platform that captures data and history of the VDAB clients, and built a model using that data to predict the chances of people that are looking for a job to be successful in their search.


An interactive tool, predicting the chance a job seeker will find a certain job. 

Customer delightment

Better decisions

Operational efficiency

Shared knowledge

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