Infofarm is no longer a ‘Data Science Company’

By Ben Vermeersch – Managing Partner

No need to panic, though. Data Science will remain in our range. But right from the start, we have been doing more than just Data Science. We help organizations to become more data driven. We do this in the areas of Data Strategy, Data Engineering and Data Science. And so the current tagline ‘Data Science Company’ does not match with the services of Infofarm.
‘Data Cultivators’ is therefore more suitable as a new tagline. Infofarm guides organizations from the very start of their ‘Data Journey’. Our mission: ensure that data yields and that organizations can grow!

Infofarm Service Offering

Infofarm divides its services into three main pillars: Data Strategy, Data Engineering and Data Science.

For each service, you can count on specialized advice coming from our experienced Data Strategists, Data Engineers and Data Scientists. Below we will elaborate on the different services and how Infofarm can create added value for different companies.

Data Strategy

It is our main goal to bring data, technology, people, and performance together and align them with the overall corporate strategy and objectives. Infofarm developed three separate sub-services that help companies shape their Data Strategy.

With our Data Analytics Blueprint, we offer you the right tools to develop a future-proof data strategy and together we define a roadmap to implement the most valuable business cases that will improve your operational activities.

During a Data Governance traject, we define all data domains in your organization together. We determine a uniform data model and put tools in place to find all data within your organization.

Last but not least, we validate best practices across your Data Architecture, taking into account operational excellence, performance, security and cost optimization

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineers build efficient Data Platforms. Both on our own hosted environments and in the cloud.

To do so, we use open source tools and technologies such as Apache Spark, Kafka, NiFi, and Flink.

In the cloud, we build cost-efficient cloud-native solutions in AWS (Glue, Athena, EMR, Redshift, …) and Azure (Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse, …).

Data Science

Data science has grown from being a hype to a strategic business asset and is currently at the core of strategic business decisions being made in companies around the world. Confirming or debunking your gut feeling based on actual data, has placed its roots in higher management offices and critical decision environments.

With InfoFarm, we provide custom data analytics, building all kinds of Machine Learning models around forecasting, text recognition, anomaly detection, recommendations, image recognition and more.

Ready to become a data-driven organization?

Whatever stage of your Data Journey you may be in, Infofarm is here to help. From Data Strategy to Data Architecture Review to specific Data Engineering and Data Science applications. Our ‘Data Cultivators’ are used to work on different projects in various sectors.

Are you interested in our Infofarm services or do you want to discuss current challenges during a personal meeting?

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