Data Analytics Strategy

Accelerate a data-driven mindset with the

Data Analytics Blueprint

With the Infofarm Data Analytics Blueprint you are one step ahead

We have developed a roadmap to adopt data and Artificial Intelligence in your organization, with the main goal to bring data, technology, people, and performance together and align them with your overall corporate strategy and objectives


We will take a deep dive into your data environment to get a clear view of your current situation and what next steps need to be taken to design an AI strategy


We will set up several workshops to define a clear vision which is in line with your corporate strategy and objectives, to end up with a step-by-step execution roadmap


With the roadmap as our guideline, we will start implementing the strategy by delivering the right hands-on expertise, training tracks and aftercare services

Data Audit

How can we help? 

We have bundled years of hands-on experience into an architected review to get a good view of the current AS-IS situation in your organization.

How will you benefit?

By performing our data audit, we will help you broaden your mind about the most important aspects and resources within an organization, and what steps you need to take to start building a data-driven mindset.

quick scan

Our Quick Scan is an online questionnaire with a specific set of questions to get a high-level view on your current data-driven strategy

exploratory call

During the exploratory meeting, we will try to get a better understanding of your needs and challenges


The data readiness audit is, in line with the quick scan, a more detailed set of questions to get a better view of your current environment

AI vision

How can we help?

Our goal is to define a future-proof vision about your data, technology and people, with clear use cases driven by achievable KPI’s wrapped in a step-by-step implementation roadmap.

How will you benefit?

A clear vision has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of building Analytics components in your organization. 

Having a roadmap to follow, drastically improves the way of working, as all involved stakeholders know exactly what to do and how to do it.


We will create an AI vision by taking into account data, technology, people and performance, and align it with the overall strategy.


We will brainstorm for business ideas based on data engineering and AI techniques, to start leveraging value from your data.


From the brainstorm session, we will harvest the low-hanging fruits for further execution.


We will create a step-by-step implementation roadmap for every defined use case, using OKR's and KPI's for successful, agile implementation.


How can we help?

Following the step-by-step implementation roadmap, we can provide the needed expertise and aftercare services to turn your organization into a profitable data-driven company with an effective data-driven mindset.

How will you benefit?

We will hand over all our knowledge and expertise, enabling you to independently take over future data and AI developments, by providing valuable training and coaching tracks.


We will deliver the right expertise to help implement the roadmap and use cases.


We will make sure your team is fully prepared to start implementing new AI use cases.

They've experienced the components firsthand