Train your employees on the principles of data strategy, reporting, data engineering and data science

The academy has non-technical topics to get to know the concept of data-driven working throughout the company. Technical trainings prepare your staff to extract value from your data themselves

  • Training program to enable data-driven working in your company.
  • Based on InfoFarm consultants’ internal training.
  • These trainings can be a part of a company-wide data strategy program.

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You can find an overview of the courses in the Academy below. We develop a tailor-made program in function of the needs of your company.

Non-technical topics

Becoming a Data Driven Company – concepts

How do you become a data-driven company? We look at the different pillars within your company: people, processes, and technology. How is each of these pillars designed to enable data-driven working?

Data Governance

Reveal what data your company owns and who is responsible for it is indispensable for any data-driven organization. In this course you will learn how to set up a Data Governance process within your organization.


Extracting information from your data is one thing. Convincing others of your story is another thing. In this training you learn to build your story, convince and present your results in an entertaining way.

Technical topics

Power BI – Basics

Learn how to use Power BI reports as a business user. Find out how you can easily get the most insights out of interactive dashboards and reports. General features such as filtering, drill-down, drill-through, bookmarks and tooltips are discussed in detail.

Power BI – Design & Build

Specifically designed for the aspiring Power BI report builder. This course takes a deep dive in the best practices regarding dashboard and report design. We teach you how to connect to data sources, create custom measures using DAX and build engaging visualizations.

Microsoft Azure – Basics

An introduction into the world of Microsoft Azure, a popular cloud computing platform. This course provides you with an overview of the most important data services like Synapse, Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen 2) and Purview. Additionally, we’ll teach you the basics concerning the management of your data platform, including RBAC (Role-based access management) and data security.

Microsoft Azure – Data Engineering

This course will teach you every aspect of data engineering on Azure. Synapse is the service that combines all data engineering tasks into a single unified environment, so this will be an important part of your training. More specifically, you’ll learn how to ingest, transform and model your data in order to serve it to your reporting tools, such as Power BI.

Spark Fundamentals

Spark is the preferred framework for processing large data sets. It is used in various Cloud ETL tools. In this training you will learn the basic concepts of Apache Spark. This allows you to quickly get started to do your own data processing on large datasets.

Coding Best Practices

When you start working with a team on a common codebase, it is good to stick to several rules. In this training you will learn everything about code structure, testing, versioning and continuous deployment. This is how you ensure the necessary professionalization in your development teams.

AWS Services

An introduction to all AWS Cloud services, in preparation for building a Data Platform on AWS.

AWS Data Platforms

How do you build a Data Platform on AWS? Which services are used for this? We take you step by step through the working method and services for the most important components within a data platform: ingestion, storage, processing, serving, governance and visualization.

Scala Programming

Are you getting started with Big Data and Spark? Then Scala is the programming language that will bring you the most. In this training you will learn the basic concepts of functional programming with Scala, in preparation for distributed data processing with Spark.

Python Programming

Many data processing tools and Machine Learning libraries use Python to program their logic. In this course you will learn the necessary skills right from the start to be able to smoothly process your data with Python.

Streaming Data Processing

Do you want to make your data available in real time for analysis and reporting? In this training you will learn everything about streaming data processing, with Apache Flink, or on the dedicated services Azure Event Hub or Amazon Kinesis.

Machine Learning

Do you not only want to report, but also start working predictively or using AI systems? In this training you will learn everything about Machine Learning. What are the options? Which models are available? And how do you build such a machine learning model? You will learn it all in this training.

BI Tools

Learn to explore data and build reports within Business Intelligence tools. Supported tools include Microsoft Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, and Tableau. Additionally, you’ll get a detailed overview of the differences between the available reporting tools and which to use in specific situations.


The lingua franca for data analysts. Indispensable knowledge to query data within your organization and answer business questions.

KMO – Portefeuille

Our Data Academy is part of the Flemish KMO Portefeuille. This means you can receive a financial compensation for our training courses.

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