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We harvest business value with the power of Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics

Infofarm is your partner for transforming your company into a data-driven organization. We match strategy thinking with technical skills to help you in building sustainable and future-proof Data Platforms, while delivering value from your data with Artificial Intelligence techniques.

We plow your data, grow insights and harvest business value!

Data analytics blueprint

We believe Data and Advanced Analytics should be at the core of every organization’s strategy,  to help make the right decisions in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

That’s why we have developed a Data Analytics Blueprint. This blueprint is your roadmap for efficiently centralizing your data and adopting AI, with the main goal to bring data, technology, people and performance together, and align them with the overall corporate strategy and objectives
  • Exploration

  • Data Vision

  • Execution


data analytics strategy

It is our main goal to bring data, technology, people, and performance together and align them with the overall corporate strategy and objectives.

data engineering

We’re levering the power of Microsoft AzureAmazon Web ServicesApache Spark and Kafka to build scalable, secure and accessible data solutions.

data science

We apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning techniques to get value from your data and help you in making better decisions.

We build end-to-end data-driven solutions

At Infofarm, we bridge the gap between the Academical world of Computer Science and the IT-technical world of software engineering. It is our mission to help organizations make smarter decisions or improve their operational activities by building data-driven solutions with AI technologies. 

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By performing our Quick Scan, you will get a high-level view on where you are standing today regarding your data strategy and environment.

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