BI Engineer

Who are you?

We are looking for an experienced BI Engineer that can help us deliver beautiful insights towards our customers. You know your way around a BI Tool (mainly Power BI, but Tableau, Qlik or QuickSight might also come in handy)

You are not afraid to get the data you need from the trenches. You’re eager to set up data flows ingesting data from different sources and modeling it in an efficient way. Knowledge of SQL, Python and cloud ETL Tools like Azure Synapse, AWS Glue or even Sparks and Databricks doesn’t scare you.

What can we offer you?

You will work in a growing company with plenty of opportunities for self-growth and for learning new skills. You make up your career and we will guide you! Next to this, you will be able to work on the most innovative projects close to home.

We stay away from body shopping and try to make sure that we work for our clients in teams of multiple InfoFarmers. We don’t believe in dropping you for several years at a client without any connection with your colleagues, but strongly encourage working together at one of our offices. Nevertheless, some time at the client’s office is still necessary in order to communicate clearly and thoroughly.

To give you a better understanding on what type of profile we are looking for, we want you to meet one of your future colleagues.

Meet Evelien

As a BI Engineer, I’m all about exploring the details of data analysis and problem-solving. I enjoy untangling technical puzzles and crafting solutions that bring tangible benefits to the business. When it comes to BI dashboards, my aim is to design interfaces that are user-friendly and intuitive, helping users extract meaningful insights effortlessly. What I particularly appreciate about BI is its collaborative nature; it’s always a team effort. By working closely with stakeholders, I try to ensure that the design aligns perfectly with their needs and preferences.

Besides my dedication to BI, I’ve found myself drawn to the world of machine learning. This interest motivated me to enroll in a post-graduate course to explore it further and broaden my horizons in data analysis. 

Outside of work, I enjoy unplugging from screens and heading out into nature. Whether it’s going for walks with my loyal four-legged friend Lewis or diving, I find relaxation and joy in outdoor activities.

Years at the farm


Favourite language



Master in Bioscience Engineering

Made in



Great minds come with great skills

Technical skills

Power BI85%
Statistics & Machine Learning70%

Personal skills

Critical thinking80%


What kind of projects can you expect


BI Engineer

At Lineas I am part of the BI Team and, amongst other things, responsible for developing a report that reports profit and loss on each line they operate. That’s no easy task as we need to understand the complex rules behind operating a train network. Technologically we can work on a very interesting stack using an AWS Cloud Data Platform that is developed by my InfoFarm colleagues combining PySpark, Athena, dbt and Tableau.





Ets. Freddy Baines

BI Engineer

At Ets. Freddy Baines, I was in the lead of a project that provides management with a helicopter view of the status for each of their orders and shipments. I facilitated a three-day workshop to gain insight in their business processes. Afterwards, me and two colleagues set up an Azure Data Platform from scratch. This platform ingests and transforms data in order to provide it to a Power BI report. We integrated a complete track-and-trace module where the ETAs and whereabouts of their containers can be tracked in real-time. In this way, I could work on the end-to-end implementation of a reporting project, combining skills in business process analysis, data engineering and data visualization.

Azure Synapse

Power BI

Business Process


BI Engineer

The project for Saey, a steel service center, was again an end-to-end reporting project. The scope of the project was to connect to SAP, calculate gross margins and present them in a clear management report. This allows Saey to have gross margin details on all levels of their business, be it for high-level trends or for analyzing gross margins for specific sales orders. The setup uses Azure Synapse to ingest and process data and Power BI for visualization.

Azure Synapse

Power BI

Data Engineering

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