Lead Data Engineer

Who are you?

We are looking for an experienced Java/Scala developer who likes to create data-driven software as well as architectures. You can lead a team on every aspect within a project and you can easily communicate with business to understand their goals and needs.

You have thorough knowledge of Big Data technologies like Spark, Kafka and Hadoop, and you have sufficient experience on at least AWS or Azure data services. Knowledge of Neo4j is a plus.

What can we offer you?

You will work in a growing company with plenty of opportunities for self-growth and for learning new skills. You make up your career and we will guide you! Next to this, you will be able to work on very interesting projects for mainly enterprise companies.

You will be responsible for guiding a team of motivated and highly skilled data engineers, while maintaining flexibility in making architectural decisions for building future-proof data platforms.

To give you a better understanding on what type of profile we are looking for, we want you to meet one of your future colleagues.

Meet Vincent

I am an experienced Java developer and Data Engineer with a broad skillset that enables me to setup on-premise and cloud based scalable and performant data-driven applications, using technologies like Apache Spark and Kafka. I’m a certified AWS developer with relevant experience in both AWS (using EMR, Glue, Kinesis, SageMaker, Redshift and more) and Azure Cloud platform (Synapse, Fabric or Databricks).

My hands-on experience has lead me to a more architectural role, where I support organizations in making the right architectural decisions, aswell as with the implementation.

Oh yeah, and I also love gaming, Star Wars, Marvel, beer and pizza!

Years at the farm

I’ve been at the farm for 9 exciting years!

Favourite language

My absolute favourite is Java, followed by Scala


I have a bachelor in Information Management

Made in

The beautiful city of Antwerp


Great minds come with great skills

Technical skills

Apache Spark80%
AWS (Amazon Web Services)70%
Azure (Synapse, Fabric, Databricks, …)68%
Apache Airflow65%
Apache Flink68%

Personal skills

Business minded75%
Technical Coaching85%


What kind of projects can you expect

Big Data Environment setup

Data Engineer

Set up of a new Big Data Cluster at VDAB for the standardization of the intake and processing of different data sources, and for the creation of a framework to aid the staff in the development and deployment of new data sources. We use Spark for disributed processing.

Apache Spark



Supply Chain Platform

Data Engineer

Maintaining a Spark architecture with Scala for mapping supply chain business processes an for batch tracing. We used Azure Databricks for the cluster management of spark jobs and the creation of Delta Lake layers enabling us to run Spark code on the datasets.

Apache Spark



Streaming architecture

Data Tech Lead

Providing support to a data team in altering their current functions to a batch/streaming architecture. I’m using Apache Hadoop and Kafka to setup the Streaming architecture and I evaluated the capabilities of the application on Graph Databases.

Apache Spark



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