Lead Data Scientist

Who are you?

We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist that can help our other Data Scientists grow and make our Data Science projects go in the right direction. You have a degree in a quantitive field like mathematics, physics or statistics (or you can amaze us with your previous experience)

You can also show extensive hands-on experience in data science and machine learning projects. From a technical perspective: you are fluent in Python. Packages like Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn have no secrets for you. Some experience in the cloud is greatly appreciated and you don’t fear the unix command prompt.

What can we offer you?

You will have a leading role within our company. We expect you to be the beacon for your fellow scientists. You design and implement machine learning solutions. You preach best practices to your colleagues, and keep an eye out for new developments in the field.

You will work in a growing company with plenty of opportunities for self-growth and for learning new skills. Our most important goal as a company is to make everyone feel at home. We want you to thrive in what you find interesting, and want to help you grow as much as possible.

To give you a better understanding on what type of profile we are looking for, we want you to meet one of your future colleagues.

Meet Lorenz Feyen

As a Data Science Developer, I am constantly engaged in critical thinking on interactions, patterns, and signals that lay underneath the digits of my dataset.
Using Python – the swiss army knife of data science – I develop and deploy a wide variety of machine learning applications from recommendation engines to demand forecasting.

You can often find me giving lectures or workshops on these topics as I believe that everyone should be on board the ML-train in order to go ‘balls to the wall’.
In my projects, I emphasize the reproducibility and reusability of my structure as this improves the overall impression of data-driven applications with customers.

With microprocessor programming as my specialty within Infofarm, I am ‘the guy’ they send you to for IoT and Robotics, making sure they won’t take over… yet.

Years at the farm

I’ve been at the farm for 3 wonderful years!

Favourite language

My absolute favorite is Python


I have a Master in Nuclear Physics

Made in

The magnificent city of Hasselt


Great minds come with great skills

Technical skills

Statistics & Machine Learning80%
Deep Learning75%
Cloud expertise70%
Unix Shell, Git, Docker65%

Personal skills

Ability to teach and coach90%
High tolerance for memes and farm-related puns82%


What kind of projects can you expect

Data Analytics Platform

Lead Data Scientist

This project contains the creation of an analytics platform to generate recommendations for the citizens of Antwerp to improve the cultural offering. The engine will send recommendations to its users of cultural events based on their preferences.




Automatic translations

Lead Data Scientist

The project is in 2 parts. The first part is building a Machine Learning algorithm to recommend specific translators for specific documents. The second part is solving the planning based on the recommended translators, in order to automatically assign translation assignments.


Random forest


Price prediction

Lead Data Scientist

We’ve used a linear regression model and a random forest model in Jupyter Notebook with Python for the prediction of re-selling prices. We have performed a feature selection to optimize the accuracy of the Machine Learning models. We are deploying the model on Azure with Azure ML.


Azure ML


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