Azure Data Platform – Construction Industry

Setting up an Azure Data Platform (BIM360 integration included) to extract all scattered project information and make relevant data available through a user-friendly portal at Ibens.


Ibens specialises in care housing with a focus on residential care centres, assisted living facilities, care hotels and housing for people with disabilities.

The organisation owes its strong position in the construction market to far-reaching innovation and efficiency in delivering projects thanks to their extensive use of the BIM360 software. Ibens wants to keep its competitive advantage by making the organisation data-driven.


A lot of data but no overview

Ibens works on a large number of projects. For each project, Ibens always keeps track of all data, communication and decisions in their different software systems. The multitude of software systems makes it difficult to keep an overview of their project data. When certain figures about a project were requested, the respective information had to be gathered from several places.

Manual reporting

In addition, Ibens faced another obstacle. During meeting on the building site, a report of all discussed issues is made. The notes are then stored in BIM 360. Additional data is entered with each site report. No information may be removed or corrected, making project documents long with a huge amount of data. These site reports are currently exported, formatted and printed to PDF manually which is a very time-consuming task.


To provide an answer to the twofold business need of Ibens, it was necessary to set up a Data Platform. The first step in this project was therefore to collect all relevant information from the various data sources in an Azure Data Platform built with
Azure components such as:

By using this data platform, we were able to set up a Search Engine in which all project information could be searched by the end user via a customer-friendly internal portal.

In addition, a PDF generator was launched to visualize incremental changes in site reports in a clear way. This PDF is automatically generated based on info from BIM360 which can then be forwarded for approval to the architect or other involved parties such as contractors, etc.




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