Data Analytics Blueprint

Accelerate a data-driven mindset with the

Data Analytics Blueprint

With the Infofarm Data Analytics Blueprint you are one step ahead

We have developed a roadmap to adopt data and Artificial Intelligence in your organization, with the main goal to bring data, technology, people, and performance together and align them with your overall corporate strategy and objectives


We will take a deep dive into your data environment to get a clear view of your current situation and what next steps need to be taken to design an AI strategy


We will set up several workshops to define a clear vision which is in line with your corporate strategy and objectives, to end up with a step-by-step execution roadmap


With the roadmap as our guideline, we will start implementing the strategy by delivering the right hands-on expertise, training tracks and aftercare services

how does it work?

Follow these 4 steps of our Data Analytics Blueprint and experience how to successfully build your own data-driven solutions


free online data assessment

Discover what components are important for building a data-driven mindset.
By performing our free online Quick Scan, you will get a high-level view on where you are standing today regarding your data environment setup.


Book an exploratory meeting

Let's meet, have a coffee and go a little deeper into your needs and business challenges. Together with the results from your online assessment, we can determine clear next steps to help you achieve your data-driven goals.


Build your DATA vision

We will execute several workshops to cover all your needs in terms of strategy, new use cases, choosing the right targets for an agile growth process, and setting up a clear roadmap to start building your data driven components


Identify pain points and opportunities for better future performance and greater efficiency, and align them with your company strategy and objectives


Brainstorm and collect as many ideas as possible on how you can use data to solve critical business problems and to help you in making smarter decisions


Identify the low-hanging fruits from your ideas to focus on first and define what metrics will define a successful execution of your prototypes


Setup clear measurement frameworks and develop an execution roadmap enabling you to build the right internal skills and short term business cases


execute your plan

Time for action! You now have everything you need to know in order to start building data-driven solutions for your organization.

build competencies

launch prototypes

measure for success

scale to production


Train your IT teams with the right competencies and skills, enabling them to start building efficient prototypes and production-ready data-driven solutions

prototype development

Build lean and fast prototypes for quick evaluation, feature modifications and finding market fit

OKR & KPI Management

Keep measuring your progress and success factors by continuously evaluating your goals and metrics


Appeal on consulting firms to guide you in building critical technical components or to fill in missing gaps in your development teams

data analytics platforms

Scale your prototypes to production-ready environments and integrate them in on-premise, Cloud-based or hybrid data analytics platforms

Is your company ready for the future?

Data Analytics Blueprint
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We create data-driven solutions with our customers, not for our customers. We love to build data platforms and AI algorithms to get the most out of your data!