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Immoweb is Belgium’s leading digital real estate portal, connecting buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords for over 25 years. With an extensive range of nearly 150,000 properties listed daily, Immoweb offers a comprehensive selection of real estate, from houses and apartments to commercial and historic properties. Their services include a free estimation tool for property owners and integrated mortgage simulations for buyers. As part of the AVIV Group, a major player in the digital real estate industry, Immoweb benefits from a strong network of renowned brands across Europe.

Generating data insights and leveraging AI

Immoweb’s extensive range of features and services generates a vast amount of valuable data. The platform collects data from property listings, user interactions, market trends, and more. Recognizing the potential for extracting valuable insights and leveraging data science and AI techniques, Immoweb is committed to capturing and efficiently making this data available for analysis.

The captured data holds immense potential for understanding user behavior, market dynamics, and predicting real estate trends. By leveraging data science and AI, Immoweb aims to enhance user experiences, provide personalized recommendations, and optimize their platform’s performance.

Efficient capture and availability of this data are crucial for the success of Immoweb’s data-driven initiatives. It enables them to uncover hidden patterns, gain a deeper understanding of their user base, and develop innovative solutions to better serve the real estate community.

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Seamless data integrations with AWS

Given Immoweb’s objective to leverage cloud technology for scalability and their selection of AWS as their primary cloud provider, Infofarm was engaged to facilitate the migration of their data and data pipelines from on-premise servers to the cloud. In order to achieve this, we established a standardized and scalable data platform that adheres to the best practices outlined in the Well-Architected Framework.

To optimize the platform’s efficiency and flexibility, we adopted a serverless-first approach, prioritizing the utilization of serverless solutions wherever feasible. This approach offers several advantages in this context, including simplified management, automatic scaling based on demand, reduced operational overhead, and cost optimization through pay-per-use billing models. By embracing serverless architecture, we ensured that Immoweb’s data platform is agile, resilient, and capable of handling varying workloads efficiently.


By leveraging AWS’s robust suite of services and Infofarm’s expertise in designing and implementing cloud-based data solutions, we successfully migrated Immoweb’s data and established a powerful and flexible data platform.

  • By implementing the data platform, Infofarm has facilitated the availability and accessibility of data for crucial business intelligence (BI) activities, as well as data science and AI initiatives. The platform serves as a robust foundation for Immoweb to harness the power of their data, enabling informed decision-making, generating valuable insights, and driving innovation in the real estate industry.
  • Infofarm’s collaboration with Immoweb has resulted in a robust and future-ready data platform. By leveraging the power of their data, Immoweb is positioned to stay ahead in a competitive market, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional value to their users and stakeholders.

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