Materialise – Additive manufacturing


Materialise has over 30 years of experience in providing 3D printing services and software solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and art and design. Materialise is divided in three different divisions:

  • Manufacturing: 3D printing solutions
  • Software: software solutions for the 3D industry
  • Medical : vertical specific, combining software and 3D printing

A clear ambition for Materialise

The ambition of Materialise was to enable data driven working within their organization and use data as driving force in their decision-making process.

To realize this ambition, Materialise was looking for a partner to advise on Data Strategy and make sure the technology was well defined and put into motion. A project that fits Infofarm like a glove.

AWS reference architecture used by Infofarm that combines all necessary AWS-services resulting in a qualitative Cloud Data Platform.

A future-proof foundation on AWS

Since Materialise decided to adopt a Cloud-first strategy for most of its new enterprise applications and solutions, and chose AWS as their main cloud provider, Infofarm was asked to bring all data to the cloud. We’ve set up a future-proof technical foundation with growth in mind, based on our AWS reference architecture. This new architecture will take over functionalities of the on-premises environment in the long run.

Since Materialise shifted to AWS-technology, Infofarm created a custom-made training for Materialise employees to make sure they get familiar with the services used in the new AWS Data Platform. The training covered the following topics: AWS Basics, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda Serverless functions, Logging & Monitoring, Data Platforms, Data Ingestion, Storage, Processing, Querying, Visualization, Governance & Machine Learning.


Operational AWS data platform in place
Internal IT-employees are trained to work with the Data Platform

We’ve been discussing the desire to work data-driven for long time, but we didn’t know where to start and how to do it. Infofarm helped to develop the necessary data strategy in a practical way. In six months, they created a working data platform. Within Materialise, the direction is clear, and we know what we must do to reach our ambition: moving forward to a more data-driven organization.

Jean-Francois Bauduin

Lead Enterprise Architect at Materialise

Azure Data Platform
construction industry

Setting up an Azure Data Platform (BIM360 integration included) to extract all scattered project information and make relevant data available through a user-friendly portal at Ibens.

AWS Data Platform
public health sector

Building a data platform in AWS to gather, capture, process and expose all available data.

Analytics blueprint
construction industry

Workshop sessions to identify data driven solutions and tackle current operational challenges at Ibens.

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