VEKA – Public Sector

Flemish Energy Agency

The Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) is an independent agency of the Flemish government and is responsible for implementing a sustainable energy and climate policy.
VEKA’s mission is to prepare, stimulate, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate policy initiatives in the field of energy and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the transition to a climate-neutral and sustainable society in Flanders.

How can we build an environment for streamlining all the different data sources?

In order to adapt and establish the Flemish energy policy, the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) needs complete and reliable data. This data mainly consists of information about the energy performance of buildings and data about green energy production in Flanders. In addition, they want to be able to report this data in a uniform and simple manner to internal employees, other government institutions, the energy sector, industry and Flemish residents.

Therefore, we helped implementing the new DWaaS (Datawarehouse as a Service) environment. Within this system, all internal and external data is supplied, processed and stored. Users can log in to the platform and view the reports which they have access to.

In this platform, we are also helping in building the AI layer. In this layer, VEKA experiments with artificial intelligence. They apply algorithms to data that will discover patterns in the data themselves. All these new insights can then be used to adjust current measures and to substantiate new decisions.

Energy data platform

A centralized platform where data can be streamlined and processed in a consistent way.
More efficient way of interpreting data with automatic reporting tools.

Streamlined data
Pattern recognition
Improved operations

Azure Data Platform
construction industry

Setting up an Azure Data Platform (BIM360 integration included) to extract all scattered project information and make relevant data available through a user-friendly portal at Ibens.

AWS Data Platform
public health sector

Building a data platform in AWS to gather, capture, process and expose all available data.

Analytics blueprint
construction industry

Workshop sessions to identify data driven solutions and tackle current operational challenges at Ibens.

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