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Flexsoft has been creating state-of-the-art integrated software for lawyers. The organisation provides the tools that highly qualified professionals need to focus on their cases and their clients. This bundled knowledge and know-how was used to create a brand new software tool for, amongst others, lawyers who want to take away the burden of their time registration and improve it. This is when the concept of Lexor was born.
The Flexsoft Development Centre creates solutions around two products: Themis (Legal) and Lexor (AI automated timesheets).

How to explore new innovative services with the use of data and AI?

Flexsoft was looking for inspiration to use data for new business services or products. How could Flexsoft improve their services by using data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Data analytics blueprint

We started with an ideation workshop in which AI and Machine Learning were introduced to Flexsoft and what use cases are possible to implement with the technology. Together, we looked for ways on how they could use their data or how they could use AI and ML to improve their own products. We shaped their overall data strategy and prepared the organization for data-driven operations.
During our session, various ideas were discussed, but it quickly became clear that automatically recording timesheets was considered a priority. A Machine Learning algorithm interprets the task that is being done based on the usage of Office 365. Typing an e-mail for a client in MS Outlook? Drafting a contract in MS Word? The algorithm does the correct time registration for you.
After the workshop, we continued working on a first prototype in Azure Cloud. We provided training on Azure and the operation of the prototype. From this, Lexor emerged as a new Flexsoft product alongside Themis.

New product for new target group
Backlog of innovative ideas

Lexor, a new product for a new target group

Using Data and Machine Learning, Flexsoft developed an innovative new solution for their customers. They are now servicing an entirely new and broader market than before.

We had no knowledge of AI or machine learning ourselves, so we contacted InfoFarm to look at the possibilities with us. In an interactive workshop we looked at what was possible with this data. This led to the idea of automating our customers’ time registration based on their office activities (e-mail, meetings, etc.) during the day. By using data and AI, we can now offer a much better service to our clients. We have even been able to broaden our target group, because accurate time registration is also important outside the legal profession.

Alexander Desaver

Founder Flexsoft

Azure Data Platform
construction industry

Setting up an Azure Data Platform (BIM360 integration included) to extract all scattered project information and make relevant data available through a user-friendly portal at Ibens.

AWS Data Platform
public health sector

Building a data platform in AWS to gather, capture, process and expose all available data.

Analytics blueprint
construction industry

Workshop sessions to identify data driven solutions and tackle current operational challenges at Ibens.

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