Track & Trace Reporting – Food Sector

Flanders Milk

Flanders Milk is a brand name by Etablissements Freddy Baines, a Belgian family business that has been active in the dairy trade since 1891. Under the brand name Flanders Milk they supply all continents with an extensive range of quality dairy products. They are specialized in milk powders, cheeses, butters, butteroils and different kinds of blends and specialities. The dairy trade is a traditional sector in which Flanders Milk sets itself apart by focusing on global trade and offering reliable service and quality.

Azure, Qbil, Dockflow and Power BI

In order to obtain a complete order overview on which to base business decisions, we’ve set up an Azure data platform where all data is held centrally. This data platform automatically and periodically reads data from Qbil, DHL and Dockflow and combines it in a data model which is suitable for reporting.

The result of the analysis and visualization will be presented in a Power BI report. This report offers Flanders Milk a clear and comprehensive overview of the open orders and their status.

Added Value

By integrating the third party data together with its operational data into a central, cloud-based data platform, we will enhance the business processes at Flanders Milk. It will no longer be needed to gather all information from all parties every single time. Instead, a Power BI report giving a clear overview of the open orders will give them the necessary insights to know which next steps to take and to respond quickly to possible issues.

Furthermore, analysis of historical data will enable Flanders Milk to get insights in the performance of their business process and to identify possible bottlenecks. This way Flanders Milk will set its first steps towards being a data driven company.

Azure Data Platform
construction industry

Setting up an Azure Data Platform (BIM360 integration included) to extract all scattered project information and make relevant data available through a user-friendly portal at Ibens.

AWS Data Platform
public health sector

Building a data platform in AWS to gather, capture, process and expose all available data.

Analytics blueprint
construction industry

Workshop sessions to identify data driven solutions and tackle current operational challenges at Ibens.

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